Friday, February 22, 2008

Into the bush of Rio Napo

We are currently in Tena, Ecuador, hoping to get a bus for the wet and muddy journey to Coca. From there we are hiring lanchas (cargo boats) to cross the border into Peru and experience the Amazon Rio. There is little information on how to do this, and local touring companies (who charge about $400-$800 for 5 nights a little ways downstream) make it seem unfathomable. Not for danger reasons like the guerillas we avioded in Putamayo, Colombia, but simply becuase of transport unpredictability. We have yet to finish purchasing important supplies like rubber boots, hammicas, thick clothing to guard against insects, and drinking water, but hope to catch a Monday boat to Puerto Rocafuerte, the easiest leg of the journey. Wish us luck, and I look forwad to seeing you all again in the comforts of homeland and my beloved Yuba River.

Check to see a map of our goal.