Sunday, October 21, 2007

For five months, Manuel and I will trek abroad Central and South America. We plan on attending an immersion program in Antigua, trying to make it from Panama City, Panama to Cartagena, Colombia (thank you Zuly's hostel )by charter boat before solstice, searching through the South American Explorer's club ( ) archives for little known trail routes to Macchu Picchu and other Inca ruins. We want to sleep under the open sky, walk through some of the last standing nearly unexplored and fading fast wilderness', test our limits against the elements, and return in good heart and health.

I have been saving every penny for over a year now. I have begun making thoughtful purchases of :

walking boots ( )
a Voyager bag ( )
a sleeping bag ( ),
an AtWater towel,
a spanish to english phrasebook,
and platypus water bag.

I have also decided to pack along tea (Nettles, oatstraw, rose hips, corriander, red raspberry leaf, calendula, lemongrass, wormwood), my trusty tinctures (White Willow bark, Valerian, Oregano Oil), Vitamineral Green, Arnica, a small sewing kit, some books for the airport, and the clothes on my back.

Love and Bliss!